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Eli Geske and his biking addictionWho said nerds couldn’t be physically active? Actually the majority of my nerdy friends are extremely physically active, like myself. Not sure, maybe it is just the location, really warm and sunny Miami, which definitely makes it much easier to do outdoor activities. One would think, Miami = Nightlife, unfortunately I do not have much of that, I just work, develop, work some more, train, and squeeze in the occasional beach visit.

Like I was saying I don’t spend my time at clubs, bars, etc. Which I may regret later in life when I am an old fart wishing I could hang out with the hipsters and chug some beers. But nonetheless I love my web life and it’s ups and not so much it’s downs. But I guess you have to take the good with the worse. (ya I know, “bad”)

So a brief history of moi. I started out in graphics design on an old macintosh loaded up with the ever so powerful photoshop 3.0, ya baby! You know, where the drop shadows were created with a black box and gaussian blur and bevels were created with blurs and lighting effects. Oh, how the times have changed. Then the later 90′s hit and I wanted a piece of that web stuff, so I started playing with html. I didn’t fancy it much because the bandwidth didn’t allow me to easily upload an image I created of a fellow female student’s head mashed on a dog. Thankfully technology grows faster than cockroaches breed. But I still can’t find a copy of that girldog anywhere.water_blog

Once building my own sites, it didn’t take me too long before it just wasn’t fun creating static pages anymore. So in came PHP for the rescue. It swept me off my feet like a knight in shining armor weee!!…..umm, well maybe not a knight, but more like a baywatch babe or Princess Leia, for all you REAL nerds out there. But you can’t stop with just static html and some server side script, you gotta have some umph, some pizazz, some javascript, which really sucked because of all the petty school yard fights that the browsers needed to have. So much ruckus in the compatibility world. Yup, you said it. Prototype, Scriptaculous, JQuery, etc. etc. I chose JQuery, for some reason I didn’t want to have anything to do with something that called itself a prototype. When does the real one get here? I figured it was JQuery.

Well now that I babbled on about me, myself, and I it is time for me to get back to doing something productive again. Thanks for stopping by. :)

Oh, I am an avid cyclist.

And, I love paddle boarding.

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