Angular-UI UI-Router reload same Controller with $state.transitionTo()

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Why: While creating a search bar on the main menu of a site. I was using a global param to set the search params to be used in the result list. But the cotroller does not fire again if the url is the same.

How: Using $state.transitionTo(“router name to controller here”, $stateParams, $options) to refire that controller. Look below and see the that transitionTo $options has reload = true and notify = true.


var routes = function($stateProvider, $urlRouterProvider){
         url: "/home",
         controller: function($scope, $state) {
             $ = function(){
                 $state.transitionTo("results", { myParam: "hello" }, { notify: true }); 
         url: "/results/:myParam",
         controller: function($scope, $state){


Plunker Example <——

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