FuelPHP Undefined class constant MYSQL_ATTR_COMPRESS

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During migration using OIL in windows I ran across the error of an Undefined constant MYSQL_ATTR_COMPRESS.


Set PHP Include path via .htaccess file

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An easy way to maintain your php include paths using .htaccess files


Dynamically Delete an Object’s Property in PHP

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Here is how to access an Object Property with a string so you don’t run into this: “Fatal error: Cannot use object of type … as array”. This example shows how to delete a property via a string.


Show PHP errors in the page

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The php function to show and hide errors can really help for fast debugging situations without having to use INI_SET or accessing our PHP.ini file.


PHP Dynamic Constants

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I got this off the website, haven’t tried it yet. Uh ya, a Dynamic Constant, Jumbo Shrimp?

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