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Hey everyone! When I decided to finally start a blog, I started with a template from one of the free template places. I didn’t really intend to change much of the functionality or the design initially. But as some of us know, when you start on something it tends to change every ten minutes. Ok, well at least for me it does.

So, when I changed the layout from the original template I was wondering what background I was going to use. I really wanted to add some depth, by texture, and get away from that hole glossy look and feel. First I looked at IStockphoto, but was tired of all the same crap, and all the good images cost like 20 dollars. There is no way I will pay 20 bucks for an image that I may end up not using anyways.

But I did some searching and found some helpful posts with background generator sites. I didn’t save the link, :( . But I did save the links to the sites for the background generators that I actually used.

If you need some nice background images, from stripes, dots, to nice paisley like patterns, check these out.

BGPATTERNS.COM screen capture 2009-7-0-16-8-26

I mainly only used this site, but as you can tell, I changed the images up a bit to add my own flare to it. But this really helped me start out my background idea.

Here are a couple more, I almost used but didn’t end up needing them.

Oh and by the way, I actually lied earlier. I do have the link to that post with all the background creator sites.

Check it out. –> List of Web Background Patterns

But here are the other two that I liked,and their really easy to use too.

STRIPEMANIA.COM screen capture 2009-7-0-16-6-18

PIXELKNETE.DE/DOTTER/ screen capture 2009-7-0-16-6-9

In closing, these couple sites allow you to really get started on creating a lively background for your website. Mix it up a bit yourself to get a unique look.

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