“»” Magically Appears in WP!

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So today a client’s wordpress theme was having these »’s show up next to all their bullets in Firefox, but not in IE. I used firebug but the css was not showing up for what was creating it. :| Very strange.
» is an angle quotation mark (right), and can be displayed using » or » . So naturally I searched my css and all theme files for these HTML snippets. I found a bunch but none I needed. After doing some online searching I found that in some themes they use the li:before to place, a not so commonly used css element (firebug didn’t even display it), the symbol there. But the weird thing is the css. Check it out below, if you find this in your css anywhere, just remove it or comment it out and it will remove the arrows.

.entry ul li:before, #sidebar ul ul li:before {
content: "0BB 020";

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  1. Roger Merphy says:

    This s&#35!^ almost killed me

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