JQuery bind and clone, what’s the deal?

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First off, what is clone()?

clone() allows you to make exact copy of that dom element without actually grabbing the one the you are cloning.  If you didn’t want to move a div and just wanted a copy, you would clone it.

Bind? Attaching an event handler to a specific DOM element.

If you make an Element using jQuery, like so:

// Creating a div element with jQuery
var myDiv = $("<div>", text: "CLICKEE!", { click: function(){ alert('YO!'); } });
// put it on the page

You would see the text CLICKEE on the page, and if you clicked it you would get an alert saying YO!.
Then want to make a couple copies like this:

// clone original
var myDivClone = myDiv.clone();
// put it on the page

You would see again another CLICKEE on the page, but if you clicked it, nothing would happen. Why? When using the jQuery clone it does not clone the events, unless you pass a true into the parameter like so:

// clone original
 var myDivClone = myDiv.clone(true);
 // put it on the page


Now you see the CLICKEE and the alert.

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