Animated JQuery Bar Chart

Bar Charts are cool and so is JQuery, smack them together and what do you get?

Well... Join me to find out as we get down and dirty in making a Bar Chart from scratch with no plugins.

Check It Out!


JQuery – Star Comment Rating

Posted By: eligeske on in JQuery 55 Comment


JQuery and CSS, what a lovely combination! If you’ve ever needed a quick rating bar that is smooth, pretty, and fast, here it is. Here I used CSS Sprite images and some quick and simple JQuery for show, hide, and fade for some nice effects. Hey! The source code is even available.


My Photoshop is Crashing!

Posted By: eligeske on in Photoshop 1 Comment


My Photoshop keeps crashing when I open it. I wonder what could be causing it? After, 35 minutes of thinking and searching I fixed the very simple issue. Then I smacked myself, hard, to prevent such idiocy in the future.


Fast Web Background Patterns

Posted By: eligeske on in Cool Web Stuff 0 Comment


I wanted to add a nice background pattern to my site with some depth or texture to it. My searches brought me to some really cool sites with some awesome, easy to use background generators.

Learning DHTMLX Suite UI

Learn the foundation of the DHTMLX Suite quickly while building a single page application with multiple components in harmony.

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