Animated JQuery Bar Chart

Bar Charts are cool and so is JQuery, smack them together and what do you get?

Well... Join me to find out as we get down and dirty in making a Bar Chart from scratch with no plugins.

Check It Out!


MySQL query for FirstName, LastName search

Posted By: eligeske on in MySQL 3 Comment


How to search a MySQL database combining two fields. The example shows how to search a full name when the name is split by firstname and lastname.


Show PHP errors in the page

Posted By: eligeske on in PHP 1 Comment


The php function to show and hide errors can really help for fast debugging situations without having to use INI_SET or accessing our PHP.ini file.


Convenient Web Tools

Posted By: eligeske on in Cool Web Stuff 0 Comment


In need of some quick string tools? Me too, so here they are. Do some quick conversions, decoding, encoding, hashing, line breaks, html entities and more.


Access MasterPage from Child Page, FindControl

Posted By: eligeske on in 0 Comment


ASP.Net C# on how to access a Master Page from a child page.

Learning DHTMLX Suite UI

Learn the foundation of the DHTMLX Suite quickly while building a single page application with multiple components in harmony.

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