Animated JQuery Bar Chart

Bar Charts are cool and so is JQuery, smack them together and what do you get?

Well... Join me to find out as we get down and dirty in making a Bar Chart from scratch with no plugins.

Check It Out!


JQuery – Run script if!

Posted By: eligeske on in JQuery 18 Comment


When running a site with a boat load of javascript, you may want to run a script only if a certain something is on the page. Run my enclosed script only if……


Display Single Post’s Content in WP

Posted By: eligeske on in Wordpress 2 Comment


Here is the Wordpress methods to query just a single Post into one of your pages. Really simple, so simple no one posts in on the web!… .err.


Display Single Page’s Content in WP

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Despite looking around on the web it is really hard to find just the basic query syntax for adding a single wordpress’ page content to your own page.


PHP Round Up to Nearest Hundred Function

Posted By: eligeske on in PHP 2 Comment


PHP Quickie! I needed a function to round up to nearest one hundred. Here it is… small short.


PHP MySQL functions

Posted By: eligeske on in MySQL, PHP 6 Comment


PHP makes grabbing and inserting data into a MySQL database a breeze. There are many, many, ways into doing this but here is a couple of the base ways to connect, insert, query, and close connections. Also a little help with comparison and selection SQL Statements.

Learning DHTMLX Suite UI

Learn the foundation of the DHTMLX Suite quickly while building a single page application with multiple components in harmony.

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