FuelPHP Undefined class constant MYSQL_ATTR_COMPRESS

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During migration using OIL in windows I ran across the error of an Undefined constant MYSQL_ATTR_COMPRESS.

I checked first the php extensions and made sure PHP_PDO_MYSQL was enabled. It was.

It appears that FuelPHP has some pretty powerful configurations. And after translating a google search page from Japanese to English found out that you can disable the Compression of PDO. This allowed me to use the migration. But is only a blind eye to it. If anyone knows why this happens and has a fix, please comment below. For those stuck add the following to your /app/config/development/db.php:

return array(
   'default' => array(
   'connection' => array(
      'dsn' => 'mysql:host=localhost;dbname=fuel_db',
      'username' => 'root',
      'password' => 'root',
      'compress' => false  // ADD <-- This to turn compression off


One Response to "FuelPHP Undefined class constant MYSQL_ATTR_COMPRESS"

  1. Harro Verton says:

    By mistake the default for release 1.3 was set to true, generating this error when using a platform that doesn’t support this flag, and no explicit “false” was configured.

    This has been corrected for 1.4, where “false” is the default.

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